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zucchini fritters

As I first mentioned a couple of weeks ago, for the past month we’ve been trying a new approach to the evening meal.  This has involved 30 days of trying new meals for the whole family.  You can read about the first two weeks here.

Taco pizza

So, I won’t go over the process again (head over the the previous post if you want to know all about it), but I thought I’d cover what we ate for weeks 3 and 4, plus the all important ‘keepers’, and what, if anything, the kids are now willing to eat that they wouldn’t before!  As before, I’ve linked to the website versions of the recipes where I could find them, noting that they’re not always identical to the cookbook.

crispy rice omelette

Because of eating out a couple of times and a weekend away, it will take another week to reach the 30 days, so I’ll post a quick update on the last week later, and give you the kids’ final verdict…

sweet and spicy tofu

The week 3 menu was a bit shorter as we were away for the weekend, but we still cooked:

  • Pea and prosciutto frittata#
  • Steak sandwiches with gruyere and and white beans with spinach
  • Sweet and spicy tofu bowl with broccoli
  • Crispy rice omelette with peas and cucumber salad

This week (week 4), we’ve tried:

#Only eaten by one child

From my point of view, the keepers from this lot were definitely the vegetable tempura, the sweet and spicy tofu, miso salmon, and taco pizza.  And thanks to the influence of Alton Brown, we had (almost) four takers for the salmon!  Well actually, Mr Minecraft thought it was a bit strong tasting, but loved the texture, and is willing to try some other fish….I feel my dream of one day being a family that eats fish may actually become reality 🙂

This process is certainly helping me feel more optimistic, but I still have (quite a few) moments of thinking how much easier it would be if only they ate…(in my case, cheese, or fish, or chilli, or pasta, or potatoes!)

How about your children/family, any dislikes that make you tear your hair out occasionally?