Preserving Diary

I began regularly preserving in 2014, and I particularly enjoy coming up with ideas to deal with gluts of fruit; either because friends and family have overflowing fruit trees, or because of seasonal gluts with commercial fruit, meaning I can buy very cheaply at the markets. I like how I can clearly see both the passing seasons, and the abundances of particular fruits, in the series of products I’ve made.

I now note how many jars I make, and also note when they’re used, so this is something of a stocktake as well. For readers in Canberra interested in buying or bartering, this will also give you an idea of what I have available 🙂 (To clarify, if there is no number next to a preserve, it means it’s all gone I’m afraid)

Autumn 2014

Crabapple jelly

Sierra sweet plum jam

Late season peach jam

Fig and glace orange jam

Pear jam with vanilla & elderflower

Winter 2014

Lime marmalade x 1

Strawberry and cumquat jam

Lemon and mandarin marmalade with lavender

Tomatillo and lime jam

Ruby grapefruit marmalade

Limoncello marmalade

Hot Indian lime pickle

Lime and chilli pickle

Thai pickled lime slices

Sweet Indian lime pickle

Dark Seville orange marmalade

Lemon, lime and blood orange curds

Quince jelly x 3

Quince paste

Brandied cumquats

Pickled cumquats

Sweet and salty cumquats

Spring 2014

Blood orange and strawberry marmalade

Blood orange cordial

Blood lime marmalade

Summer 2015

Blackcurrant jam

Crème de Cassis

Nectarine jam

Wild blackberry jam

Blackberry vinegar

Plum butter

Three plum and strawberry jam

Chinese plum sauce

Toffeed fig jam

Plum paste

Sticky fig chutney

Hot, sweet, plum chutney

Fig paste with fennel and thyme

Autumn 2015

Black grape jelly jam


Eggplant pickle

Parsi Tomato chutney

Crystallised ginger

Winter 2015

Passionfruit curd

Lemon curd

Spring 2015

Strawberry jam with black pepper and balsamic vinegar

Rhubarb curd

Rhubarb jam

Pomegranate and blood orange jelly with cranberries x 2 1

Apple and cherry butter

Roasted apple butter x 3

Summer 2016

Apricot jam with rosewater

Smokey chilli plum sauce

Toffeed fig jam

Fig jam

Sticky fig and rhubarb chutney

Black grape and fig jelly jam x 3 2

Apple jelly x 4

Autumn 2016

Quince and ginger jam x 4 2

Rhubarb and grapefruit jam

Winter 2016

Lime marmalade x 2

Spring 2016

Rhubarb jam x 1

Strawberry jam

Summer 2017

Apricot jam

Fig and Galliano jam x 1

Pear and leatherwood jam

Cherry tomato and chilli jam x 1

Parsi tomato chutney

Late season peach jam

Autumn 2017

English green tomato chutney x 6 1

Indian green tomato pickle

Fermented green tomatoes

Antipasto green tomatoes in olive oil

Winter 2017

Gari (sushi pickled ginger)

Beni shoga (red pickled ginger)

Green tomato and cinnamon jam x 2

Spring 2017

Strawberry jam

Cherry and Amaretto jam x 1

Summer 2018

Fig vodka

Autumn 2018

Glace figs

Winter 2018

Moroccan preserved lemons

Gari (sushi pickled ginger)

Harissa x 1

Spring 2018

Strawberry jam

Lemonade fruit and orange cordial

Summer 2019

Apricot jam x 5  2

Plum, rhubarb and strawberry jam

Plum, orange and cardamom jam x 8 1

Plumcot jam x 2 1

Autumn 2019

Fig paste with lemon and fennel seed

Tomatillo and lime marmalade x 6 5

Black grape jelly jam

G&T marmalade x 9 1

Tomatillo salsa x 5 3 (tubs in freezer)

Autumn spiced pear-lemon marmalade x 8 1              

Winter 2019

Rhubarb-cumquat jam x 4 2

Orange-cumquat marmalade with cardamom x 8 1

Lemon-mandarin marmalade with lavender x 3 1

Candied mixed peel

Pickled mandarins x 2 large jars

Gari (sushi pickled ginger)

Spring 2019

Lemon curd

Strawberry-Pimm’s jam with orange and lemon

English three-fruit marmalade (grapefruit/Seville orange/lemon) x 9 1

Four-berry jam (strawberry/raspberry/blueberry/blackcurrant) x 5 2

Roasted strawberry jam

Eggplant pickle

Summer 2020

Peacherine and elderflower jam x 6 3

Prune plum jam x 4 2

Plum and cardamom conserve x 2

Autumn 2020

Candied mixed peel

Green fig preserves x 4 2

Fermented green tomatoes

Glace figs

Winter 2020

Spring 2020

Strawberry jam

Summer 2021

Jostaberry and cranberry relish

Brandied yellow plum jam x 6 3

Yellow plum jelly jam x 4

White nectarine and elderflower jam x 3 2

Yellow plum paste

Candied cumquats x 2

Hot sweet plum chutney x 2 1

Figgy bourbon conserve

Autumn 2021

Fig and pomegranate jam

Lebanese fig jam (m’rabbah al teen) x 4 1

Pickled figs in balsamic vinegar x 4

Hedgerow (crab apple, rose-hip, rowan, and raspberry) jelly x 5

Crabapple jelly x 4

Winter 2021

Spring 2021

Strawberry jam x 2

Rose petal jam x 2

Rose syrup x 4 2

Summer 2022

Blackberry jam x 4 3

Hot sweet plum chutney x 5 4

Parsi tomato chutney x 4 3

Smooth blackberry jam x 4 2

Autumn 2022

Roasted spiced plum jam x 4

Parsi plum chutney x 4 1

Blood plum jam x 5 4

Poached quince (for freezer)

Winter 2022

Medlar jelly x 3

English green tomato chutney x 4 3

Rhubarb and grapefruit jam x 7

Spring 2022

Cedero lemon limoncello x 1

Preserved lemons x 1

Strawberry cumquat jam x 7 6

Rose syrup x 3

Rhubarb cumquat jam x 6

Summer 2023

Plum, orange and cardamom jam x 8

Autumn 2023

Lebanese fig jam (m’rabbah al teen) x 4

Fig and Early Grey jam x 5

Stem ginger in syrup x 1

Feijoa pickle x

Feijoa and lemon marmalade x 6

Feijoa, ginger, and Makrut lime chutney x

Rhubarb chutney (rhubarb ni chatni) x tbc

Winter 2023

Pomegranate and blood orange jelly with cranberries x tbc

Medlar jelly x tbc