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a selection of christmas biscuits cooling on racks

So, it’s December, which means the Christmas baking blitz begins in earnest! (apart from a few that already began last month, or even the one before :)) This seems like a good time to remind you about the Christmas baking recipes on the blog, which are all linked in the list below, along with a few of my favourites from elsewhere on the web, and a couple from books.

I also wanted to let you know a bit about my baking plans, as I did in 20142016, 2017, and 2018.

Iced sugar cookies, Lebkuken and spiced stars

As in previous years, I’m publishing this while in progress, rather than as a completed record after Christmas, to combine the roles of running sheet and some form of commitment. Despite this, my ambitions often exceed reality, but I usually get to them eventually – and after all, there’s always next year!

I think of deciding on my baking list as a little like decorating the Christmas tree – use lots of favourites, ditch a couple that are past their due date, and always add a couple of new ones 🙂 – this year that will include a few I didn’t get to last year.

Filling biscuit tins

As always, I’ll be interested to hear any feedback along the way…like which recipes (not already ticked off) you’d like to see first, any thoughts on baking order, and absolutely I’d love to hear about your own Christmas baking favourites!

And if you think you might be going to be the recipient of some Christmas goodies this  year, and you want them to be a surprise, then look away now 🙂

filled biscuit tins

Cakes, bread and pies

Robyn’s Christmas cake – baked 19/10

Dark fruit cake – baked 10/11

Stained glass window cake – baked 8/12

*New this year* Sweet Christmas bread (Christbrot) – baked ?

Bars and Slices

Cherry Ripe bars – baked 1/12 (store in freezer)

Pecan-apricot squares (or possibly mini tarts) – baked ?

Nussstangen (Hazelnut almond batons) – dough made 24/11, baked 13/12


Lindor ball bars – baked 15/12

Lindo ball bars


*New this year* Lebkuken – dough made 16/11, baked 22/12



Spiced stars – dough made 23/11, baked 22/12

spiced stars (and dinosaurs!)

Green tea almond and coffee walnut shortbreads – dough made 24/11, baked 13/12 and 22/12

green tea and coffee shortbreads

Pecan powder puffs – baked 22/12

Pecan powder puffs

Almond cardamom circlets – baked 22/12

Almond cardamom circlets

*New this year* Molasses ice box cookies – dough made 23/11, baked 13/12

Molasses cookies cooling on a rack

Almond and pistachio pears (GF) – baked ?

*New last year* Biberle – gingerbread almond nuggets – baked 24/11


*New this year* Tan squares – baked ?

*New this year* Iced sugar cookies – dough made 8/12, baked 13/12

Iced sugar biscuits

Iced sugar biscuits

*New this year* Zebra cookies – dough made 8/12, baked 13/12

Zebra cookies


Choc-espresso fudge – made 29/11 (store in freezer)

choc-espresso fudge

Eggnog fudge – made 1/12 (store in freezer)

*New this year* Mango-passionfruit fudge – made 1/12 (store in freezer)

Fruit-nut balls – made ? (store in fridge)

Coffee-walnut toffee – made 8/12

Chocolate caramel almonds – coated in caramel 7/12, finished 12/12

Chocolate caramel almonds

Cashew brittle – made 7/12


*New this year* liquorice – made ?