biscuits packaged for gifts

This post is a bit of an experiment.  I had started a list here of my Christmas baking (I usually write one on paper) – what I was planning on making, and when, and noting stages as they were complete.  I thought that it would be a useful record, particularly as I could add links to the recipes that I posted.

The experiment is that I’ve decided to publish this now, rather than after Christmas.  It will probably not be of much interest to anyone but me, except for bringing all the Christmas links together, but perhaps some of the other baking nerds might be interested to se how someone else’s running sheet goes!

You’ll also get to see how over-ambitious I’ve been – probably quite a lot given progress to date 🙂  I’ll update this as I go – at least once a day.

Thanks, I’ll be interested to hear any feedback along the way…like which recipes you’d like to see first.

PS If you think you might be going to be the recipient of some Christmas goodies this year, and you want them to be a surprise, then look away now 🙂


Robyn’s Christmas cake – baked 15 Nov

Stained glass window cake – baked 7 Dec

Dark fruit cake – baked 11 Dec

Tea soaked fruit loaf – baked 21 Dec


Pecan-apricot squares – baked 28 Dec

Chocolate hazelnut brownies

Cherry Ripe bars – baked 12 Dec


Pierre Hermé’s Chocolate Sables – baked 15 Dec

Almond and pistachio pears

Spiced Christmas stars

Gingerbread shapes – baked 13-14 Dec

Molasses ice box cookies – baked 13 Dec

Pecan powder puffs – baked 19 Dec

Scottish shortbread – baked 11 Dec

Caraway seed shortbread

Green tea shortbread – baked 15 Dec

Almond cardamom circlets – baked 12 Jan

Cheddar biscuits


Chocolate rum truffles – finished 13 Dec

Coffee-walnut toffee

Peanut brittle

Macadamia brittle

Candied peanuts – finished 19 Dec

Candied almonds

Eggnog fudge – finished 14 Dec

Choc-espresso fudge – finished 14 Dec

Pomegranate fudge – finished 16 Dec