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Over the years we’ve been camping (or ‘glamping’ if you prefer given the availability of electricity and hot water!) I’ve come up with a repertoire of one pan meals and snacks that can all be cooked in my trusty and very old electric frying pan.  If you are camping without power, I think a good lidded cast iron frying pan would do just as well.

As well as the quick cooking dinners and snacks, there are a number of cakes and biscuits I bring from home that last particularly well and are perfect for a campfire afternoon tea – billy tea optional 🙂

assemble ingredients

There are a couple of notes and small modifications I make to a couple of the recipes when camping – for the Thai-ish chicken I bring the seasoning ingredients mixed together in a small container rather than whole bottles, and I often use normal cabbage rather than wombuk as it lasts better; and for the chicken and chorizo couscous, I use fresh rather than roasted cherry tomatoes.

I don’t want to pretend here that I cook balanced dinners every night when we’re away!  We certainly have our share of fish and chips, and take away pizza, not to mention the sausages and bread, or bacon and eggs rolls that I’m sure you don’t need a recipe for, but when camping for more than a week, I do feel the need for a few meals that include vegetables and a bit of spice!

And for those who think cooking scones while camping is a bit ridiculous, I have to say that firstly there’s something rather fabulous about eating fresh scones with a cuppa by the beach (or lake, or mountain) that you have to try, plus if you look at the recipe these are honestly just damper with more cream 🙂

camping with scones with apricot jam


Buttermilk pancakes




Bonfire sticks

Griddle (pan) scones


Char Siu with hokkien noodles and Chinese greens

Thai-ish chicken with hokkien noodles

One-pot pasta with tomato, bacon and olives

Chicken and chorizo couscous

Tofu and mushroom burgers