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sausage and greens pizza

Late yesterday afternoon I was looking at a few cooked Italian sausages, half a bag of mustard greens (a bit like mizuna), half a ball of mozzarella and some tomato passata that all needed to be used up – so what do those say to you?

To me they said pizza!  So I popped dough ingredients in the bread maker, waited till that beeped, patted out the dough on baking paper, topped it with passata, greens, broken up skinned sausage and mozzarella; and 15 minutes in a hot oven later we had pizza.  Normally we make them thinner, but I thought the toppings we had would work well with a more pan style pizza and I was pretty happy with the result!

sausage and greens pizza

I’ll post the dough recipe later if you’re interested…