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In My Kitchen is a wonderful monthly series hosted by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Head over to her blog for a full list of the participants, and find out what’s happening in kitchens across the globe.

I meant to post this quite a bit earlier, except that this month…

Summer has exploded all over my kitchen!…

overwhelmed kitchen!

And this isn’t even half of it!

A couple of lovely friends (thanks Kezza and Jenny) have given me kilos and kilos of beautiful plums…..

kitchen full of plums


I’ve made plum butter, plum jam, plum sauce, plum chutney, plum tart and plum hand pies, and still frozen lots for later cakes and crumbles……

Plum sauce

plum tart and hand pies

I also went blackberrying with Kezza, her sister Helen, and some small helpers, and we managed to pick a couple of kilos, despite the bushes fighting back – I still have the evidence on my forearms 🙂


Some beautiful blackberry jam is the result, with the squashy ones infusing into blackberry vinegar, plus a couple of bags of berries in the freezer….

blackberry jam

We’ve picked all our beautiful nectarines, and after eating lots fresh, have frozen lots of the bird nibbled ones (bloody cockies!) as slices for crumbles, plus made a few jars of nectarine jam…

ripening nectarines

My tomatoes are finally starting to ripen with the mini roma tomatoes leading the way; the fabulously named Granny’s Throwing Tomatoes will be a while yet as they’re huge!…

mini roma tomatoes

Granny’s Throwing Tomato

I have a tub full of the most wonderful stewed fruit (almost) all home grown or foraged: including nectarines from my garden; peaches and plums from Kezza, rhubarb from Mel; wild blackberries we picked; and a few bought pears.  It’s the sort of dish that always makes me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

stewed fruit

Julie’s amazing fig trees have produced buckets, which I’ve been lucky enough to share in…


Fig chutney, and my attempt at burnt fig jam a la Maggie Beer have resulted so far, but Mr Golden Pudding has also happily devoured heaps fresh – they’re his favourite fruit!

I managed to buy some fresh blackcurrants, (unfortunately I don’t know anyone who grows these), which have made a wonderfully purple-black and amazingly scented jam, plus two precious bottles of Crème de Cassis…

Creme de Cassis and blackcurrant jam

So I think I might take a break from my kitchen with a Kir Royale, and catch up on what you have all been doing…

What’s in your kitchen this month?