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In My Kitchen is a wonderful monthly series hosted by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Head over to her blog for a full list of the participants, and find out what’s happening in kitchens across the globe.

In my kitchen this month are…

Lots of edible gifts from my lovely family…

…French chestnut products from my sister bought at a fraction of the price here in Australia – chestnut flour, sweetened puree, whole chestnuts and vanilla flavoured chestnut cream,

chestnut products

…two boxes of yeast flakes also from my sister – the picture shows them as a salad sprinkle, but we love them grilled on buttered toast like vegan toasted cheese!,


…a pile of lovely purple garlic from my Mum,


…and a jar of date and lemon chutney also from Mum.

date and lemon chutney

I also have…

…mango and lime ice cream made with the last of the mangoes from my huge box,

mango ice cream

…a brown sugar pavlova using up the left over egg whites from all the Christmas custard (served using my lovely vintage silver cake slice which is clearly in need of a polish!),


…and not yet in my kitchen, in the garden I have a tree of almost ripe nectarines that I hope will soon become many, many things:)

ripening nectarines

What’s in your kitchen this month?