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In My Kitchen is a wonderful monthly series hosted by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Head over to her blog for a full list of the participants, and find out what’s happening in kitchens across the globe.

I thought I really hadn’t done much this month, but while I haven’t bought anything exciting that I can think of, there’s still been a bit of preserving, and as always some baking, particularly when it’s Easter, so that in my kitchen this month…

I’ve been playing around with a quick brioche recipe – these were the first buns I made, with either jam on top, or chocolate in the centre….

jam and chocolate filled brioche

I used the fact that the children were both away to make a quick supper that both Mr GP and I really love – Eggs Florentine (toast topped with spinach, poached eggs and béchamel)…

Eggs Florentine

I finished off a bag of chillies from Mum’s garden to make a jar of lovely harissa…

whizzing up chillies


Eggplants are still in season, and ridiculously cheap, so I made a batch of Charmaine Solomon’s wonderful eggplant pickle to adorn everything from curries to cheese on toast…

eggplant pickle

We had quite a few friends over for Easter so I did some baking – brioche bunnies, hot cross buns, and Debi’s chestnut macarons for a friend who can’t have gluten.

Easter spread

While we were home for the Easter long weekend, the children also helped me make fresh pasta which we had with pesto made with homegrown basil (though unfortunately not mine!)

making pasta

making pasta 2

Finally, this month I cooked up a beautiful big bunch of rhubarb – isn’t it a fabulous colour! – from my friend Mel’s garden (which also supplied the basil)…

chopping rhubarb

We used it to make rhubarb fool, a lovely rhubarb cinnamon polenta cake, and have lots left over to eat as stewed rhubarb, some of which I’ll probably freeze…

baked rhubarb

I really love how In My Kitchen posts highlight the changing seasons – I can’t wait until I’ve done a whole year!

What’s in your kitchen this month?